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March 5, 2010

Test Your (Literary) Mettle

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If you have a literary know-it-all on your gift list–or if you enjoy testing your own knowledge–you might consider James Walton’s Who Killed Iago? A Book of FIendishly Challenging Literary Quizzes (Penguin/Perigee, 2009) . These are strictly knowledge questions for the well read; no literary analysis required. Do you know Mr. Darcy’s first name? And, by the way, who did kill Iago? No Googling allowed.


February 2, 2010

Considering Becoming a Teacher?

From Shirley Skeel, in Media Relations, a chance to get the real story:
The School of Education will present a discussion on “A Career in Education? Practitioners Talk about What Life in Schools is Really Like” at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 9 in Trimble Forum.

Three teachers will speak about their experiences teaching in a variety of settings. This will be followed by what promises to be a lively and informative discussion. Food will be served. All campus members are welcome to attend. The event is presented by the Teaching and Counseling Professions Advisory Committee.

June 15, 2009

Books I’m (Probably) Teaching This Fall, Part 1

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I’m rereading Leslie Feinberg‘s second novel, Drag King Dreams. The novel is set in post-9/11 NYC, with a multiracial, broadly-spectrum-gendered cast of characters, including the protagonist Max Rabinowitz. While the novel’s certainly not without its flaws (one being that it takes on so many issues, including anti-war protests, immigrant detention, video game avatars, transgendered identity), it certainly made me question my assumptions about gender and sexuality. Certainly, it’s one of the few literary works about coalition-building across many aspects of identity and difference, and this element gives it a special place on my office bookshelf.  (Professor Nimura)