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May 30, 2009

Book Expo In NYC–National Book Critics Circle on the Future of Reviewing

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thread-bookThe Book Expo of America, formerly known as the American Booksellers’ Association Conference, is underway in New York City. For information, take a look at . . .


At this conference, the National Book Critics Circle (NBCC) is sponsoring a panel on the future of book-reviewing in an era when some relatively large cities will have no newspapers and when blogs are sponsored by corportations.  Panelists and issues include the following (courtesy of Jane Ciabattari, President of the NBCC):

“Ben Greenman (New Yorker, writer/reviewer)
Bethanne Patrick (PW blogger, Twitter and more)
David Nudo (Formerly New York Times, PW and Shelfari)
Otis Chandler (Goodreads CEO and founder)
Peter Kraus (seems like a brand new thought, syndicates reviews to
internet sites through his company, TacticCompany, formerly of Muze)
Moderated by John Reed, Books Editor, the Brooklyn Rail, NBCC board

Some of the questions:
**With the need to have a credible guide on the wilderness of the
internet, there is much
talk of the reassertion of the expert. But is it the same expert?

**Is user-generated content evolving too? Or, is it working fine the
way it is?

**Increasingly, there is no delineation between content and
advertising. Is it the Armageddon?Or can the review retain its
integrity? Or maybe establish a new integrity?

**There are plenty of things wrong with the model of reviewing
instituted by print media. Are there any elements that our panelists
look forward to leaving behind?

**Are networking sites the new magazine?

**How does editorial in a blog—process, result—compare to editorial in

A link to the NBCC: http://www.bookcritics.org/

(Thanks to Jane Ciabattari)


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