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October 28, 2008

The English Department’s Blog: Welcome

Circa 1450, in Mainz, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg started the art and industry of printing with movable type; he published what’s known as “the Gutenberg Bible.” Establishing a blog at the English Department, University of Puget Sound, isn’t quite as momentous as the Gutenberg Revolution, which led to books as we know them, or as the Gates & Co. Revolution, which led to “word-processing,” hypertext, emails, instant messaging, “texting,” printing on demand, and all manner of words in Cyberspace.

Nonetheless, we have a blog, thanks to Professor Dolen Perkins-Valdez (and WordPress), and welcome to it.

The department hopes to write about news, events, and opportunities of interest to and often created by English majors and others who take courses in our department.We also hope to post blogs on all sorts of topics related to literature, writing, criticism, rhetoric, and so on.

Concerning the immediate future, I’ll concentrate on October 30, when the department will host an extravaganza in Trimble Forum, beginning at 6:00 p.m. There we’ll unveil–well, food and beverages, first of all, although I don’t think they’ll literally be covered with a veil.

Then, also figuratively, we’ll unveil information about courses we’re offering in Spring 2009, and you’ll have a chance to grill professors about those courses, to chat with other English majors, talk about your favorite books, or tell someone about how that paper for Professor Erving is or how well that short story for Professor Perkins-Valdez is achieving its dramatic arc.

So mark the date, which is just in time for registration: Oct. 30, Trimble Forum, 6:00 p.m., and . . . . food! Professors Alison Tracy Hale, Tiffany Aldrich MacBain, Lydia Fisher, and others (including Holly Jones) are responsible for the event; thanks to them for the hard work and creativity.

In other news . . . Crosscurrents is accepting submissions for its Fall issue, so send in your poems, stories, and photographs. . . . Playwright Rosalind Bell continues her residency at Puget Sound, thanks mainly to Professor Geoff Proehl, our good friend in the Theater Department. Rosalind is the author of The New Orleans Monologues, she is working on a new play, and she is available to visit classes. . . .

Our own Bill Kupinse is the Poet Laureate of Tacoma and has been busy giving readings and leading workshops. . . . Rumor has it that poet and novelist Sherman Alexie will give a reading at Puget Sound in the spring. . . .

And perhaps most crucially, the department is hosting a celebration of Edgar Allan Poe’s 200th birthday with a festive conference in February that will feature many gothic elements, a special address by President Ron-Thom (who happens to be a scholar of detective fiction and thus knows a thing or two about Poe), and lots of opportunities for students’ involvement. There’s no word yet on whether a professor has volunteered to be sealed alive behind a brick wall in a gothic basement or to experiment with a close-shave from a sharp pendulum.

The English Department’s cyber-presence doesn’t end with this shiny new blog, by the way. We’re on facebook. Feel free to join the group, The English Department, University of Puget Sound (which now has well over 100 members) and Poetry Puget Sound, which is open to anyone who reads, writes, performs, critiques, sings, or publishes poetry. Consider yourself unofficially friended.

Good luck,

Hans Ostrom

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  1. I think this blog is great and I would like to draw your attention to a wonderful new addition to the Collins Memorial Library Collection. It is currently on display in the cases near the front of the Library:

    Title: See Here Hear Say: Tacoma Poets & Printers Collaborate.

    Description: City of Tacoma/ Art at Work. 2008. Limited Edition. One of 40 copies letterpress printed for “Art at Work, Tacoma Arts Month”; this is one of only twelve sets which were for sale (the majority of the sets being given to contributors, the city, etc). Seven illustrated broadsides, each printed letterpress in several colors, often employing other unconventional printing techniques for the artwork. With a title-page/sheet printed offset, listing the contents; each broadside numbered & signed by the poet & printer. Poets include: Allen Braden, (‘Childhood Wish’ and ‘Clear Glass’); Crystal Hoffer, (’80 New Reasons for Writing a Memoir’); Kay Mullen, (‘The Way Things Are’); Diane Toft-Knowles, (‘Nine Lives’); Tim Sherry, (‘Wiffle Ball Was’); and Kevin Miller, (‘In the One’). Printers include Chloe Scheffe, Chris Sharp, Isaac Solverson, Ric Matthies, Beautiful Angle, Jessica Spring and David Johnston. The concept designed by Jessica Spring and largely produced at the Springtide Press in Tacoma, Washington. Housed in a black cardstock box measuring 18 x 12″ with letterpress printed color title label mounted on the top. // A wonderful and creative project combining local area poets & printers, the results of which are offered here in a limited edition set of the original letterpress printed broadsides; ultimately the broadsides are to be printed offset and placed in Tacoma area mass transit buses.

    Jane Carlin – Director, Collins Memorial Library

    Comment by Jane Carlin — November 22, 2008 @ 1:06 am

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